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Vice President of Development

Position:  Vice President of Development

Description:  A full-time executive position charged with the primary responsibility of strategically raising those annual funds necessary to support the global vision and work of Veritas Ministries International.  

The successful candidate will possess exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, accompanied by a polished and professional demeanor such as is appropriate for the position, and a personal character marked by Christian maturity, warmth and sensitivity.  

The successful candidate will have demonstrated competence in all aspects of non-profit capital development, including 

  • strategies involved with soliciting individual and corporate gifts and contributions; 

  • foundation, corporate and government grant writing;

  • management of alternative minimum tax and appreciated property gifts, including gifts of stock; 

  • employment of successful solicitation strategies involving large gifts and major contributions; 

  • raising gifts and contributions in Canada; 

  • knowledge of trusts, wills, annuities, life insurance, and endowments; and 

  • development of sophisticated fund-raising approaches involving mixed strategies; among others.  

The successful candidate will conform his or her conduct to the highest level of legal, ethical, and professional standards, and will be self-initiating, self-directed and self-motivated in carrying out his or her responsibilities. 

Compensation:  Salary commensurate with education, training and experience.  Compensation package, including benefits, open to discussion.  Annual bonuses will be paid on funds raised in excess of targeted goals.

Application Process:  Applicants should send a complete curriculum vitae and list of three references who may be contacted to: Dr. Robert Evans, Veritas Ministries International, P.O. Box 2327,  Castro Valley, CA 94546-2327  USA, or veritasministries@compuserve.com.  This position will remain open until filled.

About Veritas Ministries:  Founded in 1997, Veritas is an international ministry committed to effectively communicating the Gospel, and credibly commending and defending the intellectual coherence of the Christian faith, by offering an informed and sensitive response to questions of moral choice from the vantage point of Christian conviction.  With an emphasis on the evangelistic use of cultural apologetics, this ministry has focused specific, though not exclusive, attention on the rapidly emerging array of bioethical quandaries (e.g., human cloning, physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, human embryonic stem cell research, alternative medicine, etc.) and employed these as a lens through which to evaluate and understand shifts in contemporary culture, help believers to cultivate an authentic Christian worldview, and reach the skeptic with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Each year dozens of churches, seminaries, universities, medical schools, hospitals, conferences, camps, and organizations from around the world, representing a wide variety of denominations, interests, and academic affiliations, host a Veritas seminar series to explore the relationship between Christianity and culture.

Veritas Ministries International is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization recognized for tax-deductible giving by the federal government.


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