About the Veritas Institute for the 
Study of Bioethics and Public Values

The Veritas Institute for the Study of Bioethics and Public Values (www.veritasinstitute.com) is an international leader in providing informed answers to the moral, ethical, and philosophical challenges that lie at the intersection of Christian faith and contemporary culture.  As a cultural apologetic ministry, our purpose is to examine and engage some of the most pressing issues of our day and to address them from the vantage point of Christian conviction.  Our work is intended to meet the growing worldwide need for an informed and sensitive biblical-theological perspective on questions of moral and ethical choice in business, government, law, medicine, education and public policy. 

Of particular concern to the Institute is the array of emerging bioethical issues that are increasingly challenging societies around the world, including assisted reproductive technologies, abortion, physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia, cloning, genetic engineering, stem cell research, the moral status of the human embryo, health care allocation and distribution, alternative medicine, and psychiatric care.  Each year dozens of churches, seminaries, universities, medical schools, hospitals, conferences, camps, and organizations from around the world, representing a wide variety of denominations, interests, and academic affiliations, host a Veritas seminar series to explore the relationship between Christianity and culture.

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